RantBully’s – Just as Confused as You!!!

Are you confused by the way people think? Are you irritated at the way our world is progressing? Do you feel your viewpoint is uncommon?

At the same time, are you concerned at the way society is modernizing? Or, maybe you just want a casual laugh at the wisdom of the world?

Then sit back and read some of the posts by this ordinary individual who offers nothing more than chance agreement with your own sentiments. The RantBully is just as confused as you. He doesn’t always get it – whatever “it” is. His mind wanders from reflection to frustration painfully swung from joyous gratitude to sullen cynicism. Hopefully, someone will want to read the etchings of RantBully’s mind. Socrates is dead, but RantBully is confident that this dead erudite subscribes to his posts and follows him on Twitter. If you have open mind, you will too!!!